The type of glass in a window is determined by the use of the window. The majority of our windows are supplied with clear glass, toughened to the "E" mark standard. Thicknesses of 4 to 6mm are usual, although other thicknesses can be accommodated to suit your requirements. Tinted glass is available in standard green, bronze and grey tints, with different colours and degrees of tint subject to availability. Other glass types including laminated, Georgian wired or anti-bandit glass can also be supplied. Double glazed units are commonly available, and can utilise most of the single pane glasses that we are able to supply.


Kellett windows are robustly constructed from aluminium alloy produced to BS6063. Our standard frame sections can be identified by the number of channels within the section along with the size of the associated flange and its position. For example, 16mm single channel is popular for single glazed fixed windows, whilst 22mm flush double channel is often used in a sliding window. A drawing of our standard frame sections can be downloaded here.


Our windows are available in several different finishes. Anodising is a popular finish and is the process of adding a corrosion resistant surface to the aluminium. This results in a satin aluminium coloured sheen to a depth of 20-25 microns. Powder-coating is the usual alternative to anodising and involves coating the frame in order to achieve a tough, resistant finish which is available in many colours. By far the most common colours provided by Kelletts are satin black and gloss white. Other colours are subject to availability.